About Luxury Media

Luxury Media Sdn Bhd is a media and advertising company covering a full range of media platforms from Prints, Out of Home (OOH), Digital to Social Media, catering to clients from both public and private sectors.

Our services spans the whole spectrum of advertising management including but not limited to:

Media Strategy

A plan of action that helps businesses reach their target audience, develop impacts towards improving conversion rate.

Message Strategy

Choosing the right mix of strategies - emotional, unique selling proposition, generic, positioning, brand image or pre-emptive.

Media Planning

Choosing the best combination of media to achieve the objectives.

Media Buying

Strategic multi-platform ad space purchases, negotiations, and arrangements aimed at finding the most advantageous placement at the right cost.

We specialized in Out of Home advertising; we own several strategic Out of Home assets including traditional/digital billboards, mobile Out of Home advertising in Klang Valley and nationwide; and have an extensive network of media assets excess regionally via taxi and airport advertising in major cities in Indonesia.